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Posted on Mon, 24 Mar 2014 by KiM

There isn’t anything too exciting going on around my house but I figure if I make myself share some photos every now and then it will keep me motivated to keep puttering about. 🙂

First up – there is a new piece of art in my home. One of my favourite homes I have featured since starting this blog with Jo 7 years ago is Tom’s apartment in the Hollywood Professional Building on Hollywood Blvd. We have kept in touch since then and the day after the Academy awards Tom sent me an email. Tom often strolls along Hollywood Blvd and takes photos of wacky people (check out his Flickr), and did so the day of the Academy Awards. Included in his email was a photo, and I insisted he send it to me in high-res so I could print it and hang it in my home. So awesome! (Thanks again Tom!)

Mr. Cool Dude Kitty is now hanging in my bathroom.

I did a bit of rearranging of my kitchen shelves yesterday. It was my successful way of avoiding doing my taxes. 🙂 I want to spend more time rearranging these shelves, and create different types of vignettes since it’s really the only decent display area in the whole house. Right now it is a mix of vintage stainless tea pots, my beloved Catherine Hold pot, some West German, Japanese and Oaxacan pottery, a couple of Danish teak candle holders and my Tivoli radio.

I went to Ikea Friday to get a frame for Tom’s cat photo (I wanted thin black, which to my horror was nowhere to be found so I had to use a silver one), and spotted this really cool chair cover. It is supposed to be for the Esbjörn chair but it seems to be pretty close in fit to my J104 chair by Hay Denmark. I use it as a desk chair, parking my butt on it for hours on end so I was desperate for some cushioning. I think it’s adorable – like a little duvet for my chair but sadly the cover only comes in a natural colour (I would have preferred grey).

I KNEW the cats would take it over!

peggy says:

Your shelf display looks awesome!

KiM says:

Thanks Peggy!

Bucky says:

Chair and ikea cover, best simple hot fix i've seen in a while. Love your eye every day. Thanks again for all your hard work.

KiM says:

Thanks Bucky 🙂

Alex says:

Absolutely love everything here, especially the shelves display.
Thanks for being so inspiring.
May I suggest black spray paint for your silver frame ?

KiM says:

I thought of that Alex, but it was -30 outside, so I decided to wait for warmer weather instead of attempting it indoors and dying from paint fumes. 🙂

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