Antokolsky penthouse

Posted on Thu, 17 Apr 2014 by KiM

How about a dose of modernism to make you want to de-clutter and enjoy some concrete? The Antokolsky penthouse by Pitsou Kedem Architect is pretty spectacular, and pretty freaking huge at 680 m². So not only can you do laps up and down its massively long corridor, you can then go take a dip in the rooftop pool and enjoy the views of Tel Aviv. My favourite touch is the Ingo Maurer Lucellino lights – a longtime favourite of mine.

Oregonbird says:

Strangely foreboding, right down to the poufs. Foreboding poufs.
The wall and colorful wall units in the office, however, are happy.

Budgie says:

Hands up who wants to do "bombs" into the pool off that roof!!! (Although the pool is probably only 3 feet deep….)

Kajol says:

This penthouse is amazing

Shaul says:

Just amazing. Well done Pitsou Kedem.

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