Ed Ritger

Posted on Thu, 17 Apr 2014 by KiM

Enjoy some eye candy via some beautiful spaces impeccably captured by San Francisco photographer Ed Ritger. Items to note: the chairs above – cool idea to paint just the part above table level, and the nooses for bathtub toiletries is pretty damn creative. 

Oregonbird says:

The bathroom is amusing, the sense of joi de vie is palpable in the scatter of angles, etc. Unfortunately, the tiny cuteness of the tub does away with about 2-ft of prime bathing room. leaving very little wet space to entice an adult into folding themselves small. Sometimes being different just for the sake of being different is a waste of creativity. As for taking a shower… well, there's ropes creatively knotted around the rod. It does look wonderful, though — someone knows their knots. The busy-busy-busy TV room might suffer from the same sort of 'appearance over practicality' decision; when you're less then six feet from the telly, with a reflective surface immediately behind you, do you truly need multiple immense speakers aimed at your face? If I were looking for a constant presence in every detail, this is the way I'd go. A 'Kilroy was here' claiming, evident in every dipped chair, zazzy strip of introduced color, funky bit of eye-candy. Take those away, and what you'd generally have would be well-balanced and peaceful mastery of design. Which works for me, where that huge white box doesn't. 🙂 One thing though — every image is warm, very personal and welcoming. Where there is delight to be found, Mr. Ritger finds the perfect angle to display the fun.

Diane says:

God forbid you should need a book at the bottom of the pile.

jane says:

love the loft with the brick walls. i am assuming the towers of books are on sapien shelves. or i'd hope so! 🙂

It was such a pleasure providing the custom bathroom wall mural for this project! Thanks for posting such beautiful images.

Jamie says:

I am looking for a tiny clawfoot tub like the one shown. Any idea of who made it?

KiM says:

Sorry Jamie I don't have any idea

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