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Posted on Mon, 21 Apr 2014 by KiM

I too will resume regular posts starting tomorrow (I didn’t receive enough pet entries for today anyway). I thought since I had time this long weekend to do a bit of organizing and photography, that I would share my latest home endeavours. Nothing too serious, mostly just some rearranging to fit all the things I had purchased in Almonte last weekend.

Once again, my kitchen shelving has been reorganized. When I was digging through the basement a few weeks ago looking for items to sell at the Ottawa Antique Show, I came across a vintage brass tea set (?) and some brass pineapples that I had thrifted and bought on Etsy several years ago. I could not let these go, so instead I tried incorporating them in my shelving display, along with my new Catherine Holm bowl I am totally stoked over (and coordinating pot I already had).

Catherine Holm bowl from Samantha Howard Vintage ~ vase from The White Monkey ~ Oaxacan vase bought in Puerto Vallarta ~ thrifted brass pineapple ~ silver egg bought in Puerto Vallarta ~ thrifted brass flower frog ~ Lumberjack candleholder by Normann Copenhagen from The Modern Shop ~ Catherine Holm pot from Etsy shop CrankHeartPony

Love that print (in my new vintage frame) by Emily McDowell purchased at Hello Yellow ~ vintage pot from Almonte ~ vase from The White Monkey

Vintage pot from Almonte ~ Oaxacan skull from Puerto Vallarta ~ candleholder by John Ward from General Fine Craft ~ thrifted Dansk candleholder ~ Hay Denmark scissors from The Modern Shop ~ air plant from Sparrow Floral Design

Saturday while running errands, my husband took us to a wood shop called KJP Select Hardwoods. *SIGH* So many glorious slabs of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. I spotted a piece of Claro walnut that I had to have. I decided to use it on my dining table as a sort of tray for a centrepiece.

On top I clustered a bunch of pottery I did not have room to display anywhere else. 🙂
Eucalyptus from Sparrow Floral Design in a vintage Hornsea canister ~ a brown West German and no-name vase found in Almonte ~ new bud vase by Michael Doxey and bowl by Don Cormier, both from General Fine Craft

My new West German vase from Almonte now resides on top of my pantry cabinet (one to the far right) along with the rest of my collection and antlers found on a farm in Alberta.

I had purchased some vintage hangers from Tin Barn Market and had hooked them on my stair railing to bring up to my dressing room. They never made it up.

Art from Arte Limited – Lina Ekstrand and Florian Meacci ~ vintage pepsi crate now liquor cabinet from High Jinx

I had purchased a vintage dress form at the Ottawa Antique Show a few weeks ago. I was hoping to have her live in my dressing room but it is too damn small in there so she is hanging out in my bedroom. I dressed her up in some necklaces and a vintage faux fur jacket.


I am SO EXCITED about my new vintage steel medicine cabinet from Tin Barn Market. The medicine cabinet we had there was about half the size and jam packed with my daily toiletries/makeup etc. Now my husband has room for his toiletries as well.

The former medicine cabinet had a handy bar along the bottom where we hung a hand towel. This new one does not have one, so I went down to the dungeon/basement and unearthed an Anthropologie hook I had purchased several years ago and never had a chance to use.

Annie says:

Wow!. What a fabulous home you have. Where did you get the lights over the table, and what are they made from?. Thanks for sharing!!.

Nicole says:

Wow–well done, Kim! I like every little wee bit of it. Nice camera handiwork, too!

KiM says:

Thanks Nicole and Annie! The lamps over my dining table are made of steel. I found them at a local shop several years ago when I renovated my kitchen. The shop-owners had brought them back from a trade show in Vegas. (Better shot of them here)

AMR says:

Super nice collection and arrangements Kim.
Adore your Greentea cabinets ~ so handsome, solid and warm. Have been eyeballing their Yoshida Hall Cabinet. Waaaa.
And, for a multi-cat home, dang! So…hairless! Do they pull lint rollers behind them?!! 🙂

jane says:

Nicely done; I have a hankering for Hornsea (have a complete coffee set) and I love your little bits of brass too!

Your house is so interesting, great styling inspiration. I have bare shelves I need to fill with interesting things like you!

KiM says:

Thanks folks!
AMR, I wish I could teach them that. I clean, take photos, and within minutes the hair balls go rolling by.
jane, I have several pieces of this Hornsea set – tried selling them at the antique show with no luck. Glad I didn't!
April Louise, hit up some thrift shops/flea markets….you'll have as much crap as I do in no time!

Jessie says:

Your house is a like a museum of awesomeness. 😉 I love the color scheme. You are a talented photography also!

Beautiful little vignettes of a lovely home. You have such a good idea for styling but it all feels very personal, too.

KiM says:

Thanks everyone 🙂

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