Eichler remodel

Posted on Tue, 6 May 2014 by KiM

San Francisco firm Klopf Architecture sent over some details of their latest project. The owners dreamed of an Eichler remodel that they would live in forever. Their vision was clean, contemporary and open. Klopf Architecture would design, and reconfigure bathrooms/laundry areas and upgrade systems to be more efficient. This talented executive mother of five decorated and furnished the home herself. Such a beauty – the centre courtyard is a dream of mine…something to keep all of my cats contained where I don’t have to watch their every move. I would be out there all of the time, and the spaciousness of the interior with all of those massive windows is spot on. 

Godoy says:


Sparky says:

I have a fondness for Eichlers, having had friends in the SF Bay Area who lived in them. When I lived there in the late 1970's, it seemed they were "everywhere" and some were not maintained to their best. I'm very happy that many have been appreciated for their simple beauty and relationship to the outdoors. Of course, when they are for sale now, the prices are astronomical. Thanks for sharing this beauty. xSparky

Jane says:

Hi there, I have a question. In NZ most cats have a cat door cut into the house door with a flap, and they come in and out at will day or night, or let us know when they want to go in or out the main door or window – do your cats live inside, with only supervised outside visits?

KiM says:

I had outdoor cats growing up and will never let my cats roam free like that (one was hit by a car right in front of our house) – I would worry too much and you don't let dogs roam free so why let cats? So my cats hang out in the fenced-in backyard with us, and i have leashes/harnesses for the escape artists if I'm busy and can't watch closely. I'd say up here in Canada it's about 50/50 for indoor/outdoor cats. Should be 100/0.

Sabine says:

I absolutely love this house. It so perfect! Thanks for sharing it!

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