John Merkl (again)

Posted on Thu, 8 May 2014 by KiM

I want to pack my bags right now and move in to the house above. Forever. I might bring the cats. Ok, I suppose the husband too. 😉 Photographer John Merkl really knows how to capture the essence of a space and make you want more. (We featured John’s work here and here)

oregonbird says:

I love the understated sense of creepiness that comes across! Photographers who capture peace or space or shadows are common as sand — someone who can find the genuinely menacing vibe in a storage unit or over-sized bedspread is far more fun.

Sparky says:

Move over, Kim because I'm moving in, too! xSparky

Dana says:

I could SO live here!

Nati says:

me too, me too

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