Stalking in Richmond

Posted on Thu, 8 May 2014 by midcenturyjo

An architect’s own home. So the real estate blurb goes. Which architect is left unsaid. (A little searching reveals that the design is by Neil Architecture but whose house is it? Does it matter? Am I really becoming obsessed by my stalking? Step away from the Google search Jo.) Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a two car stacker and right in the centre of Melbourne in Richmond. Link here while it lasts.


Sheri Hart says:

Love your site and love this house! The use of color is really terrific in this space. I love the purple door in the kitchen. So beautiful.

My only caveat — why is the art in what looks to be the family room hung so high? Those two side-by-side canvases need to be lowered a good six inches at least. : )

Blanders says:

Apparently this house has an "open plan living domain". I guess "rooms" are only for poor people.

Not to mention the "independant" car stacker. Seriously, is the five figure commission these agents will earn on this property not enough to justify running a freakin' spell check?

Ombia says:

Great, waht can be done with a narrow space.

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