Posted on Tue, 27 May 2014 by KiM

It was a very crazy day yesterday. My husband and I made a very quick somewhat drastic decision that still has me a bit shocked/speechless. But it’s time for a change and so this will be the beginnings of many new projects and I can’t wait! I’m being a bit cryptic but you’ll hear more in the near future. I have to run (it’s going to be an unbelieveably hectic few weeks – at my day job too so really bad timing – so please bear with me) but I wanted to share some photos of a really cool studio in a converted factory in Barcelona. (Via Elle Decoration Sweden, photos by Pia Ulin)

Monika says:

Amazing place! It very much reminds me of the feel of Barcelona. Very 'Shadow of the Wind'.

I loved Barcelona when we were there — we stayed in a traditional apartment rented out by an architect — high ceilings, tiled floors, cool furniture.

Can't wait to hear your exciting news!

monnaie says:

Beautiful home interior designing and interior furnishing!

Michele says:

Kim! Fab job on finding a beautiful interior – love it! I think I lived in Barcelona in a previous life and this confimred it.
Cannot wait to hear your exciting news! I am going to send out a crazy guess that you have deicded to sell your house and move! If that is it I think it is a great idea. When you have talked about razing your current house to rebuild I have often thought that it would be a shame to destory all the beautiful work that you have put into it. Whatever it is good luck! Michele/ottawaalternagrrl

KiM says:

@Michele 🙂

Jenny says:

Why bother mentioning the news if you're not ready to share? You certainly don't owe readers premature announcements but cryptic-bordering-on-annoying posts like these are a bit "look at me! Ask me! Ask me!" And they turn what could be fun news into an eye roll when you do announce.

KiM says:

I can't really talk about it right now but felt I should mention as my time to devote to this blog is lacking a bit thanks to the added chaos. But thanks so much for your kind words of concern Jenny.

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