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Posted on Fri, 4 Jul 2014 by KiM

Yesterday was a big day – the official closing of the sale of our itty bitty house in Ottawa’s Little Italy that I bought back in December 2007. I had alot of fun working on that house over the years but super excited to have a house that has SPACE and is more than 12′ wide. Despite my former house only being about 800 sq ft, it took us 6 full days to move all our crap out, and yesterday after cleaning the old house and locking it up for the last time, I was finally able to start unpacking at our new house. I cannot wait to start thinking about how I am going to decorate – paint colours, new furniture, new lighting…FUN!!! I do not have much to show you at this point but I figured if I started snapping some pics it would keep me motivated (I am so freaking exhausted and sore). The only room that is totally unpacked is my dressing room. Because this house has ample bedrooms hubby and I each have our own dressing room. OH YEAH. Mine is at the back of the house facing west. I might put down a rug at some point and I need curtains ASAP, a bit of artwork and my pegboard/jewelry holder frame hung on the walls….

I have lugged around this plexi shelving unit to numerous places I have lived (it was used in a Club Monaco store I worked at during college) and it is now displaying some my favourite footwear (Rick Owens, Silent Damir Doma, Guidi and Maison Martin Margiela).

This rack holds all of my favourite clothing (lots of Rick Owens, Ovate, Complex Geometries, Elena Dawson and Ann Demeulemeester).

I adore my bathroom – the tiles and stained glass window excite me to no end. I need to replace the pedestal sink so I can have some sort of counter space/storage and find a way to get electricity in there (WTF?!) but I am just so stoked to finally be able to use my Urban Outfitters ruffled shower curtain that I bought a few years ago and have not been able to use. I think it is perfect in my new bathroom. I mean, polka dot ruffles AND marble hex tiles?! *SWOON*

Elisabeth says:

Congratulations with your new house! It looked fantastic. A great place.

You can hire one of those magnificent architecs and decoratiors you always show us. Then you would have
a comparable lovely house and no need for "envy" anymore! 🙂

Greeting from Leiden, the Netherlands

jane says:

awesome kim – a dressing room? gah! you're so lucky, lady! 🙂
have fun, but take breaks.

asterix says:

wishing you many,manyhappy house-warming wishes Kim. I look forward to see how it evolves. Love the shower curtain, looks lovely with the tiles……sooooo much nicer than glass shower screens!
Love your blog, absolutely love Jo too!

KiM says:

Thank you Elisabeth, jane and asterix!
I am very lucky to have a dressing room (and one I don't have to share!). Working 14 hour days really pays off. 🙂

Argh, a dressing room! I have the same clothing taste as you, but if only I could have a room dedicated to my collection! Looking forward to your next one! That plexi shelf has definitely been of great use…

X, Kris

peggy says:

Kim, I friggin' adore your dressing room! That plexiglass shelving unit is awesome! So glad you held on to it. Love the dress form, the hat and doctor box. I'd love to have a dressing room. Are you going to put a desk or something to do your makeup? Can't wait to see your home evolve. It's going to be fab seeing all your stuff. I love the shower curtain too! I am freaking out that the house really doesn't need any work! The floors are gorgeous!

KiM says:

@krispinterior – *two thumbs up*
@peggy – i might do a makeup table since the bathroom has no electrical outlet for plugging in my blow dryer. (I am freaking out over that too!)

Naka says:

Congrats! And the curtain is uber-awesome!

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