Stalking a sandstone cottage

Posted on Mon, 21 Jul 2014 by midcenturyjo

Or rather that should read “stalking a sandstone house from my sick bed”… flu has struck me down and I’m a whinging, whining patient at best. I think I would feel so much better if I was cocooned in a cute sandstone walled bedroom or sitting by a cosy fire a few steps from a sleek kitchen. I’m stalking in North Sydney. A lovely stone cottage from the early 1800s. Just wondering if it is a little noisy. A click over to the real estate listing and a quick check of the map reveals a very busy “road” just a few steps away. Link here while it lasts.


First of all, Get out the vitamin C and drink lots of liquids…oh yea, and chicken broth really does help.
As for the stone cottage. Amazing! There is nothing 1800's about the place. The modern details are great, but what I really want to see is
the view from the bedroom balcony. Don't forget…Location, location,location.

Melissa says:

Oh no, I hope you feel better really soon!

I actually live right around the corner from this place! It is surprisingly quiet in this area, even though the freeway is right nearby. You have to go down a lane to access it, so the fact it's below the freeway helps a lot.

It did sell this year though, so not sure why it's up again?

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