Stalking leftovers

Posted on Sat, 8 Nov 2014 by midcenturyjo

Saturday again and you know the story. I’ve spent my spare moments flitting from real estate listing to real estate listing during the week. I’m a stalker but I’m fussy. Not quite right, bad photos, I need more photos please, house is amazing furniture is deplorable or no furniture at all! Can’t quite put my finger on it listings with something that has me nodding “yes”. It’s a mixed bag this week.I’ve found an unrestored apartment with it’s own turret, one that needs a little judicious curating (that’s the polite way of saying there are too many “things”), a designer pad, an empty industrial dream, a revisit to a retro lovely (they painted the ceiling white!) and my usual assortment of inner city terraces. All via

Ombia says:

I love last photo. O.k. sofa is really out of the rest of the story, but – everything else – great!

Love the photos! Especially the first!!!

steve mawson says:

[Foto 3] Forever will I find it strange, nay, worrying, those people who place free standing bath tubs with curves and odd angles, into corners, or between walls, in such a way that no midget cleaner not even with the dexterity of a Cirque d' Solais perfomer could ever clean around, or behind, said tubs. Just another irksome issue that architects fail to consider …

Michelle says:

Love all the photos, the home decor is amazing.

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