Some rearranging and a new rug

Posted on Mon, 15 Dec 2014 by KiM

When I painted my living room last month I had decided to fill the shelves at the back of the room with plants. I quickly realized what a dumb idea that was given the lack of decent sunlight. So the other day I grabbed all of the knick-knacks (and some others) I had previously displayed on my mantel and swapped them with the plants. I then piled the plants on the bench I had in front of the window. I am much happier with this arrangement and so seem my plants (except one but I don’t want to talk about it – it was my favourite).

Most of these items were picked up on antiquing travels. Air plant holder = na coille Studio. Phrenology bust = Urban Barn. Nun dolls & vintage camera = High Jinx. Ceramic bug = Wunderkammer.

Vintage radio converted into Bluetooth speaker = my husband’s shop Daff Design. Lamp & tall brown vase = Almonte flea market. 2 smaller brown/beige vases = The White Monkey. Spool with scissors = Style Labo. Silver egg from Puerto Vallarta.

Red cross light = Gaslight Electric. Staghorn fern = Sparrow Floral Design.

I have been dying to get a new rug for the dining room to replace my cowhide that was just not doing it for me. I came across this rug at Homesense last weekend and while it is not super exciting, it is EXACTLY what I needed. It needed to be rather large – about 7’x10′ to fit the new table we will eventually have = CHECK!, have a really short pile because my cats always head right for the rugs when they barf = CHECK!, and be super easy to clean = CHECK! And it was only $300. 🙂

Laurie says:

The rug is beautiful! And my cats do the same – so nice of them 🙂

Pati says:

Love it Kim! I die for your dining light 🙂

annie says:

LOVE love love……You have a fantastic aesthetic. The plants look amazing there, and as for the shelves I must admit I really didn't like them prior to you going to the dark side – but they have been completely transformed.

KiM says:

Thank you lovely ladies!

Natalie says:

Love! That rug is fantastic, and I'm kind of glad that my cat isn't the only one that heads straight for the rug when he throws up. Well, that, or the top of his scratching post :S

suzanne says:

what a score finding that rug. i love it. and your photography has gone to some next level. keep up the great work.

Kim says:

Love the layering on your dinning table centerpiece. Lovely! Waht's the story behind the beautiful vase holding the white poinsettia?

KiM says:

Thank you Natalie, suzanne and Kim!
I LOVE that vase – I purchased it from Green Light District. Deborah and David used to have the shop here in Ottawa but packed up and moved it to Toronto a couple of years ago.

Ombia says:

Great rug. I love everything except the colour of the floor. Sorry!

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