Ewelina’s latest spaces from Poland

Posted on Wed, 7 Jan 2015 by KiM

 It has been a few years since Polish interior designer Ewelina Makosa shared some of her designs with us (here) so I was stoked to receive an email from her over the holidays. It seems she is still making waves over in the Polish design scene (or perhaps lack thereof) and beautifying spaces with elegance and class. How I love this little kitchen. ALOT. (Is that a black sink?!?!) A second project of Ewelina’s is after the jump.



Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors says:

Love everything about this space. The black and white mixed with the brick, then the wood. Gorgeous!

Matt says:

Well done. Simple and elegant.

Gosia says:

Ewelina Makosa's works are great. However I have to say we have here great design scene in Poland, (and not only interior design 🙂
My favourites are:
Check baumillerkossowska.pl/ – great duo from Warsaw (fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baumillerkossowska/171924619491254?ref=ts&fref=ts)
Dobre projekty: http://www.dobreprojekty.com/aranzacja-wnetrz-realizacje.html
Jankowski i Opyrchał: http://www.jio.pl/pl/realizacje/prywatne/126-m2
Studio o. organic: http://studioorganic.pl/en/
These are only few to name 🙂
PS. I love your site 🙂

Coco says:

Wow. Bit knee jerk to assume there is no design scene in Poland? It seems to me that there would be – even if it's not on your radar.

Dagmara says:

Whoa… "in the Polish design scene (or perhaps lack thereof)" ??! That's rather rude. That you don't know anything about Polish design only means that you haven't done your homework…

Zeta says:

Actually Polish design is very good, of rich history and quite well known in Europe…

Ewelina says:

The polish design scene is in fact very well. Check out Tamizo / Aleksandra Laska and few other designers!

The kitchen look amazing, and you don't need to much space for it! I love it!

Ombia says:

Tamizio has great work, check them out.

I love this first kitchen, good work.

Austin says:

Thank you

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