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Posted on Fri, 6 Mar 2015 by midcenturyjo

You all know how much Kim and I love a church conversion and this one is so pretty. In 1961, the town congregation of Glenelg, MD reunited and formed a new church leaving this landmark 1889 building abandoned. After a decade, a local architect purchased the property and transformed the space into a residence for him and his wife, a famous potter. Forward to 2012 and the building is once again neglected. Enter Stacia Smith, founder and lead designer of  Homewood Interiors and the church is given a new life as the design studio’s office and showroom. What a beautiful transformation. All the charm, all the integrity. I’m jealous. I’d love to have such a space to create. You can see some of the before and renovation pictures after the jump.

(Images 6,7,8,13 and 14 by Ashley Michelle Photgraphy.)

Wow! This is one of the most amazing Church transformations I have ever seen! So elegant!!

MMH says:

Oober impressive! One of the best Church conversions I have seen…what a dream home!

Adriene says:

I am actually not a fan of church conversions. I think there is something really different about the way churches are built as a public space that doesn't lend itself to conversion to private living. They always seem to feel more like warehouses or business showrooms than a home. Admittedly, I really dislike open floor plan homes, so conversions that leave that aspect are already gonna fail for me in that way. The lack of walls/privacy makes me feel completely exposed in a place I would rather feel safe/comfortable/protected. But often churches just don't make sense to me as homes. Look at that kitchen it looks like you have to walk 20 feet to get from the sink to the stove! I can't see anyone wanting to cook in that kitchen. And in addition my feeling about church/religion makes any lingering notion of "churchiness" like gothic arched doorways give me an anxious feeling (i.e., they creep me out big time! lol) that I couldn't live with on a daily basis. Truthfully, only a very brutal and complete gutting and reworking of a church would make a good conversion to me. And I'd feel bad about destroying something that I can appreciate as beautiful but would never, ever want to live in.

Adriene says:

Hee hee. I just noticed that there seems to be a master bed directly to the right of the front door! And to add to that, what appears to be a guest bed (or maybe child's bed, even worse) directly to the left of the front door! That should make for some reeeeeally awkward guest overnight stays!!! I'm running far, far, away from this one. ;D

Nanette says:

Silly Adriene, Its now a design studio! beautiful space for one I might add. Gorgeous job! I'm in love…

Lynn says:

Adrienne, you're out of your mind. This is GORGEOUS!!! STUNNING!

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