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Posted on Wed, 15 Apr 2015 by KiM

My life has been super crazy for the past couple of months and while I am trying to find time to get my kitchen redo completed (may take a while if I end up redoing the floor) a few new things have happened in other spaces. Nothing major but getting anything done around here is a miracle and I need to celebrate it. For starters, I bought a light fixture 2 months ago and it was finally hung up in my living room (that is a dig at the husband who has no excuses). I say hung instead of installed but it literally is just hung on the ceiling. Judging by the mark in the centre of the ceiling when we bought this house, it seems that in another life, there may have been a light fixture. The ceilings and walls in here are plaster, not drywall so I refuse to go tearing holes anywhere for no good reason. I don’t really need a working light in the ceiling as I already have 8 lights in the room but the large expanse of ceiling looked a little bare despite me having put up a ceiling medallion when I painted the room. It was a good start but it was missing something. It was missing THIS GORGEOUS LIGHT.

I found it at my favourite vintage lighting shop – Architectural Antiques. I am so freaking happy with this light fixture. It brings some sparkle into the room, and who doesn’t like sparkle?! 

It is killing me that I don’t have art hanging above the sofa yet. UGH!

At the same lighting store I also found this simple amber glass shade fixture for the foyer.

(I tone down the yellow and orange in my photos before posting them, that is how much I detest these floors)

My husband has gotten into woodworking so when I realized he had accumulated a decent stash of really nice wood, I asked him to replace the boring teak (?) wood top to my bench I use as a plant stand in the living room. He used a gorgeous piece of butternut. 

Emmanuelle C. says:

Dear Kim,

thank you so much for sharing your interior and life with us. I realize it is a lot of work and love!
I have to agry with Matt and Mack though, in terms of aesthetics, not in the way to tell it to you.
To me, the living room feels cluttered, too much is happening at the same time. Yet again, I am not trying to be jugemental, just sharing my opinion with you.
I like void very much because it is the only way for me to breathe and relax… and to move around with comfort!
Rather than adding up, I would invite you to select your most cherished items and allow them more space, focusing on scale in such a large room.
If my memory is correct, you are fond of Axel Vervoordt. You might want to ask yourself again why you enjoy his interiors.
I must say what I like very much in your posts is your rock n roll liberty of speech and your strong views on beauty. I respect them even if I don't agree!
Last but not least, looking at a picture is very different from living in a space. Maybe if I were actually in your living room, it would feel cozy.
Thank you again for sharing.

KiM says:

@Vera – it's the Aim light by FLOS, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

I agree with a lot of the comments. I just really haven't had time to fuss with this room like I'd like to. And these photos were taken with my wide angle lens so it distorts from reality a bit.

Deb says:

Does anyone even remember the lost art of graciousness?

It's entirely possible to offer your own opinion, as well as a critique, without being rude. Pretty tasteless, particularly coming from people who claim to have better taste than the person they are criticizing. Etiquette is always in style!

I think it is also important, when offering a critique, to keep in mind the aims of the homeowner. It is senseless to evaluate based on minimalist ideals if the homeowner chooses instead to prioritize her well-loved objects and their contribution to a beautiful, cozy HOME.

Vera says:

Whilst reading some of the negative and patronising comments, some paraded as constructive critique, I've noticed that words say so much more about ‘us’ and ‘our interiors' that any images ever could….

Kim, thanks for the information and keep up the good work!

Despinach says:

I love your room! I love that you are not a minimalist! I love the fact that you didn't go out and buy all this beautiful stuff at once! That's what some people do, people like you and me :-); we find something we like/love and then we find a nice spot in our home for it. If you are surrounded by things you love, your place might not be appealing to everyone, but it is something more important for sure: it is full of character.

Cali Rezo says:

If you like my paintings, I can sell you a print for your wall! (:

Maryse says:

So nowhere in this post does Kim ask for anyone's opinion. Or am I wrong? People seem to think its ok to express themselves because it's a free country blah blah freedom of speech and all that but I certainly wouldn't walk into someone's home and say 'gawd you have so much junk.' And I know this a design blog but it is still one or two people's viewpoint. If you don't have anything nice to say, shut your piehole. of course, this is just my opinion .. Freedom of speech and all that.

Ombia says:

I love those walls! Amazing all the vases still being there with 5 cats. Mission impossible in our home.
And I love that Flos lamp!

DecoFan says:

What a nice light! It looks really great hanging on top of your living room. Good job! I got a similar one, really nice too, but I hung it in my dining room.

María says:

The first one is so beautiful! I completely adore it, gives the perfect final touch of modern style to the room
Lots of love, xx

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