Stalking Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin’s Sydney home

Posted on Thu, 16 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking Australian movie legends dear readers. I’m officially in the big league now. ‘Iona’ in Darlinghurst, Sydney is the humble abode of the film director, screenwriter and producer Baz Luhrmann and his costume and production designer wife Catherine Martin. Think traditional character meets contemporary luxury with Art Deco references and rolls and rolls and rolls of Martin’s wallpaper range for Porters Paints. Definitely extravagant, not for the shrinking violets amongst you but I had to share because of Kim’s floor deliberations. Patterned tessellated encaustic tiles in the foyer and bold wallpaper. OK I know the space is large enough to take it but patterned tile and wallpaper! Link here while it lasts.

Jane says:

Wow!! And there's even some Ikea in there.
For sale by expression of interest, but a quick play around with suggests it's north of AU $10million

Jared Hayden says:

Stunning. I love how she went bold, but with a remarkable discipline and consistency throughout. It's original, yet completely respects the architecture. The library has me hyperventilating. Why on earth would they sell that place?

What a wonderful mansion! Beginning with the smart and wide vestibule, the elegant dark dining room with grand piano, the cosy red Lounge!
The nice kitchen seems to be modern and antique at the same time. Really great Fotos.
Kind regards, Gabi

Cyn says:

Beautiful home! The wallpapers! I love how she used the same pattern of wallpaper in the foyer and then the stairs…transposing the colors. The area the stairs are in is quite a bit narrower than the foyer and the lighter background paper (like Kim's consideration) makes it work beautifully!

Candice says:

There are rooms I like and yet, most of it I really dislike. I cannot stand dark murky colored rooms. The house is huge and the rooms are vast, they should be light and airy .. the dark ones look cave like and not at all modern or fresh or even stylish. The kitchen is nice. The room of books is my favorite. There are three rooms that I like, they all have white walls. I would be miserable to own a home of that size and still be right on top of the neighbors. I think I would rather own less home and more property.

oh Holland says:

Oy. Overload.

Sally says:

Sumptuous! I was expecting, hoping for, a signature L'amour sign and was disappointed. But great photos on the walls especially the two images on the door of the blue room.

María says:

I need to live here! I just fell in love, it is the house everyone can dream of.
Lots of love, xx

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