Maximalism on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 4 Oct 2015 by KiM

Maximalism inside and out on a Sunday, British style in this Georgian townhouse in London via location agency SHOOTFACTORY. And featuring a couple of cats. 🙂 

It is said that” If there is one design style meant to drop your jaw, it’s maximalism. It’s compelling because it represents a contrast to other styles rather than a rigorous design framework of its own”. This is what we can see even from your pictures…and I love it! Moreover, the British style with its “fingers” of art collection, makes everything to look so amazing. Thank you for the Sunday post, dears!

Ivy Lane says:

Maximalism to the max here! Each room is worth a study. I love the desk at the landing on the steps with the elaborate drapery framing the space. I wonder what that window looks out to. Fun post!


ombia says:

I would hate to have a desk at the bottom of the staris brrrrrr
But then again, maybe I am just watsching to many horror movies

Au33delarue says:

I really love this house! Thank you very much for sharing!

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