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Posted on Mon, 12 Oct 2015 by KiM

Sharing some loft love on this Monday morning. I love a good conversion and this one keeps a wonderful balance between cold/modern and warm/rustic elements. By German architecture and identity design firm Ippolito Fleitz Group. The Palmscher Park in Esslingen is a former army barracks from the late Wilhelmine era. When an agency moved out of a loft space at the short end of a two-storey block, a family with two small children sought to transform the site into their new home. An open and spacious living space with differentiated living zones and tantalising visual perspectives was created across 400 square metres. Read more of the juicy details here

Marla says:

Just a note to say "thank you" for your dedication to this blog. I really love that you post new content daily and I appreciate all the work that goes into it! I just was going through my daily blogroll and I was annoyed at how many have not been updated. I can always count on you!

Jared Hayden says:

Somebody is trying WAY to hard to make a statement with this place.

KiM says:

THANK YOU Marla! (We don't believe in taking breaks here at DTI so there are new blog posts 365 days a year – WOOT!)
@Jared – I agree somewhat but I don't think this is obnoxiously so. I could live here. 🙂

derpione says:

Beautiful Place. Somehow I felled a little daze because of way too many mirrors.

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