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Posted on Wed, 2 Dec 2015 by midcenturyjo

We’re in Camperdown, an inner western suburb of Sydney, thanks to one of my fellow stalking addicts who shared this link. Just down the road from the University of Sydney this modern “terrace house” couldn’t be described as student digs. No it’s more rustic meets sculptural meets industrial meets million dollar price tag. I would love to see this place in real life. I think the photos, especially of the upstairs bedrooms, don’t quite do it justice. Link here while it lasts.


Blanders says:

They had me at those beautiful steel framed doors, and kept me with the artisanal kitchen, the graceful stairs and the natural materials.

Then they lost me with that awful top floor ensuite and the ungainly front elevation of the house.

carolbaby says:

This is just around the corner from me, I keep meaning to go to the open.

The facade is very much at odds with the surrounding rather traditional terraces and semis – I always do a double-take when passing. You'd have no idea this was on a quite busy road from the tranquil and leafy pix!

I suspect rather high one millions – prices around here are just bonkers.

d of dogland says:

Yikes…the front facade! I'd like to think it looks better in person. But, judging by the comment from someone who knows the place…it doesn't.

lillylikely says:

Gaaaad, that front elevation! I once heard the architect and the owners were taken out the back and shot on the spot ny friendly neighbourhood folk, as a lesson to others never to come up with such a hideous facade ever again. Harsh, but one does sort of understand.

Y says:

The front of that house is awful. I drive past it all the time and amongst the beautiful hundred year old terraces it looks horrible

carolbaby says:

Update on this one – didn't sell at auction, now for sale at $1.89m

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