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Posted on Wed, 2 Dec 2015 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking a “little” country getaway in the old gold rush town of Kyneton just outside Melbourne. A “simple shack” surrounded by manicured gardens. Another house that I’d love to see in real life. I’m sure it would be stunning if the photos were more magazine worthy, less wide angle real estate. Copper bath tubs, Edwardian era frills of fretwork and stained glass, wide plank floors and a picket fence. Link here while it lasts.

d of dogland says:

I'll bet it's charming and lovely in person. But, that lens caused some freakish distortions in the pics. And what's up with those super shiny wood floors? They look like someone poured an inch of self-leveling epoxy resin all over them. They must look better in person.

judyg says:

One post, with negative comments. Why do people feel the need to post negative comments (ever)?

Cyn says:

judyg, I have thought your question more than once.

Inny Dhla says:

I thought the super shiny floors look awesome. Negative comments don't bother me, they make me reconsider.

d of dogland says:

I have to say that I'm taken aback that anyone would think that my observations were too negative to post. First, I prefaced my comment by saying I thought the place must be charming and lovely in person. Second, even MidcenturyJo commented on the real estate wide angle lens. Please look at the photos. The lens DISTORTS. It elongates some things and shortens others. I guarantee things don't look like that in real life. The photos don't do the place any favors.
As for the floors, I have never seen wood floors that shiny in person. The only wood I have ever seen that looked that smooth and shiny had a thick layer of epoxy resin coating that masked the natural beauty of the wood. Ever seen those 1970's Redwood Burl tables that looked like the had a thick shiny layer of plastic on them? That is exactly what the wood floor in the photos look like. I even said the floor must look better in person.
Those are my honest observations sans anything hurtful or hateful and tempered with honest compliments. Considering all the truly hurtful, hate filled, even vile comments we are all bombarded with, I'm shocked that anyone was bothered by my innocuous comment.

Dan says:

…. well stated d of d

Lea says:

It's called an 'opinion'. What a boring world if everyone just said ' oh that's nice'

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