Another dreamy home in France

Posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by KiM

This home is another stunner by the team of Mis’en scène 40. Tours, France is the location, and every room has something unique to offer. I can’t help but notice that every fabulous French home MUST have a Serge Mouille light fixture.

Axie says:

A treasure trove of furnishings! Are those Picasso pottery pieces? ahhh

Mark Joshua says:

The bathroom looks nice! And it looks very peaceful.

K-Line says:

That roach art above the fireplace is seriously disturbing.

Blanders says:

If I owned this place, I'd retrofit the cockroach with a couple of articulation points and a motion detector. When anyone came up close to look at it… it'd twitch.

The screams would be audible from neighboring countries.

Seriously though, it's hella creepy. At least they didn't hang it in the kitchen.

ombia says:

Amazing kitchen.

Pauline says:

WHAT were they thinking!!!! Way too creepy for me. Loved the rest of the house though.

Fiona jk42 says:

WTF is that giant cockroach doing on the wall! Who on earth goes looking for decorative items, sees a large cockroack and decides they must have it in their home? It makes me wonder what they rejected – a humongous bluebottle or enormous tarantula maybe.

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