A flamboyant home in Le Marais

Posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by KiM

I pretty much fall in love with every home located in Paris. The ornate architecture, the random assortment of the most exquisite vintage furnishings, the general eclectic nature of the decor, the extravagance of it all….it always leaves me completely in awe. Like this dreamy home designed by the team of Mis’en scène 40. TO DIE FOR. 

Jared Hayden says:

Impeccable sense of color and juxtaposition. I bookmarked it!

candice says:

I appreciate the idea but it just looks gaudy and sort of cheap. They took rooms that have such character and grace and filled them with cheap looking ( I am sure they all cost a fortune) loud colors and it just looks awful .. sorry 🙂

* My last home was that sort of home, with those rooms and moldings and high ceilings.
And every room had one wall that was a loud color ( lime green-god help me ) and ugly cheap rugs .. Ikea looking furniture.
The building was "French style" with molding everywhere and chandeliers and French doors everywhere .. We had every room painted a cream color and filled them with color in the form of art and rugs and furniture.
You need to be able to put your eye on something restful now and then. That red room would cause some people to have seizures. 🙂

elisabeth says:

Mwah. I just don't like iT so much….. Rather campy. Kitsch.
I am more the scandinavian type. I liked the home of the neighbour in Utrecht very very much. Also with
vintage furniture but so balanced and beautiful .

Keisar Betancourt says:

I thought it was a great use of color. I can't take my eyes off the dining area..

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