Villa V3

Posted on Tue, 29 Mar 2016 by KiM

I wanted to share this monochromatic dream of a home with you today because often black/white/grey and concrete don’t get the praise they deserve. The clean lines, simple architecture and modern furnishings paired with the glorious Dinesen wood floors (my absolute favourite of all time) make this 371 m2 home in Risskov, Denmark by architecture firm Ardess completely blog worthy. In every way. 

JCD-M says:


Color Me Bored says:

Are you guys on some "all white" frenzy as of lately?

It seems that just about EVERY post highlights work that showcases only white walls and themes.

Sure, some are great.
But lately, it's been looking a little redundant.

Can't wait to see some interiors where a designer has learned to work with a more diverse color palette.

Jared Hayden says:

Even though it's a tad Brutalist for my own personal taste, it's a wonderful house that manages to wrest drama and mystery from the coldest materials and most desaturated of palettes. But then, I was sold on it when I saw the Porsche 911 in the front yard. Talk about curb appeal…

KiM says:

@CMB – it's not intentional. Especially when Jo and I personally prefer dark interiors. That's just what seems to be out there these days. If you have any suggestions for some more colourful spaces shoot us an email! We'd be happy to post more non-white homes.

@Jared – that car is like the icing on the cake.

lea says:

I love grey and I love concrete but this is just ridiculous. I would be craving colour in this house. (not home)

Ich kann nur eines sagen! Wow!

Axie says:

Love it- Maybe move the kitchen window UP to eye level.. 🙂 But beautiful- especially the Dineson wood!

Merryjo Agnel says:

It's a wonderful house. Love it. Beautiful.

ombia says:

Drama, drama. I love grey and white, but this is too much concrete for my taste. I don't see a real wood colour, maybe the photos are over exposed and by purpose made that grey-ish? Like here

Great bathroom and kitchen!

sneha says:

Thanks for sharing! That's awesome that you're building your own home. It'll look awesome, I'm sure. I've always wanted to do that. Maybe I'll share this information with my friends and see if I can convince them that it would be a good idea.
I like your home design..

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