Packing a punch in a small apartment

Posted on Sun, 10 Apr 2016 by KiM

This 70m2 apartment on the 30th floor of a highrise in Moscow may be a bit on the small side but it sure has alot of style. To keep the space looking as large as possible, designer Eugene Zhdanov used some smart techniques such as mirroring one wall in the living room to reflect the view outside, using the same colour palette throughout the apartment and keeping the curtains the same shade as the walls. Even the resident cat has a designated space – that bed is adorable! Via The Village

coco says:

Sorry Kim. If you look at any recently built (last 10 years) apartments in Canada, 750 sq feet is on the large side. If it were a house…

KiM says:

We're all entitled to our opinions. I think under 800 sq ft is small regardless if it's an apartment, house etc. (When your kitchen consists of 4 cabinets, it's a small space)

ombia says:

There is probably a cultural difference at its full glance in the comments section ;-)…70 m2 is consindered an avarage apartment in Europe. Then again, this is really a small kitchen or better said a kitchen wall.
The living room looks somehow narrow, the bedroom is small, no sperate kitchen. i guess one can do much more from a place of that size.
A friend is renting a 40m2 apartment in NY downtown and would be happy with this size.

pohyoke says:

What amazing colour combinations…the tiles, the fabics, the cabinets, the whole apartment just came together so creatively!!! Colours and texture combinations to die for!!! Bravo to the designer!!

hotpaprika says:

@KiM, with all due respect, maybe it's small by your standards, yes, but New Yorkers for instance are also North Americans, and I think they'd be ecstatic to live in 70 sq. meters!

Also that kitchen has only 4 cabinets because of the styling, the walls could accomodate many more.

@ombia, I was thinking more about countries like the UK, where flats can be insanely small. You're probably right though, 70 m2 could be on the lower-average size.

It's a very generous space, the tricky part is how to make use of it. The kitchen in this article for instance is lovely (beautiful pops of blue there), but they lose storage by not taking advantage of the wall on the right. The bathroom is certainly very large.

I wonder if there is storage hidden behind the mirrored wall in the living room. L-shaped living rooms are fascinating really. I would die to have a home office near that window, with that colour scheme.

KiM says:

I'm not going to keep trying to defend myself here but it's pretty obvious NY is the exception to the rule.

CrisC says:

This is beautiful! The money spent on quality finishes really paid off.

Tani says:

Small/not so small……regardless… cool apartment. Love the tiles and quirky tall boy in the bedroom and the velvet cushioned dog bed!!! Lucky dog!

Tani says:

Sorry cat bed….should have known….just your standard expectation for cats 🙂

ombia says:

@hotpaprika – I agree.
I was compaing this apartment to my own of the same size. Havi ng "big" bedroom with 2×2 meter bed, having big living room, separate home office/guest room, balcony (in this 70m2), kitchen with cabinets left and right, pantry, lots of build in storage (makes almost for another small room) and small bathroom I must congratulate to the architect in our house. In our house in the same apartments usually live whole families – two kids, mom and dad.
I would love to have additional 20m2 but the decision is – downtown and walk to the work or more far way more space. And I would have to clean those additonal 20m2 😉

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