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Posted on Fri, 8 Apr 2016 by KiM

The folks over at CanvasPop contacted us the other day offering a canvas print from a photo of our choosing. I jumped at the chance because as I have mentioned many times here, photography is my favourite form of art. I had a 16″x24″ canvas to work with and chose this incredible photo by my friend Tom who loves to shoot around the streets of LA where he lives. He kindly sent a copy to me in high resolution so the result would have good clarity. I am in love with the finished product! This company is fantastic and makes it SO easy – especially if you are working with a photo that is not quite up to snuff. You can print from any source – mobile photos, Instagram, Facebook or directly from your computer. If needed you can use their filters and effects to tweak the photo into exactly what you want. They even offer design services if you aren’t so photography saavy. When your photo is ready they have tons of options for layout and sizes – including triptychs and panoramic prints. And this is nuts – they have a love it for life guarantee, so if you don’t love your canvas they will reprint it or refund you. I hung the canvas over my new sofa (more on that soon) and the size ended up being a bit too small for the space so I hung some Puerto Vallarta finds around it to fill it in more. I think I will look for something a bit bigger for this space but I have other ideas for this awesome canvas when I do. Thanks CanvasPop!

Isla says:

What a tasteless picture! Total blasphemy… NOT COOL!

beks says:

I don't really care about the subject matter either way, but I'm sure the sponsors of the post might 🙂

Axie says:

I've used CanvasPop, they do great work!

KiM says:

Not sure what's so blasphemous about it…Atheist me likes to think this is a scene where Jesus decided to get with the times and just finished getting a heart banner tattoo with Mary's name, and while leaving looked up and went HUH?! Then while high on adrenaline from the tattoo he went and kicked Satan's ass.
(The sponsors were sent the photo, had it printed, mailed it to me….)

Betsy says:

I like that an injection of humor is used in your wall composition.
Using elements to keep design from getting too serious.

Axie says:

I kove your imagination, Kim 🙂

ombia says:

I love it! already commented on insta. And I also like how you commented blasphemous part.
Art is provocative or at least some of the best art peaces are. Besides I don't really see a real provocation here. Like the composition. It looks almost electrical on that grey wall.

Regina says:

I love this photo and would love to have it myself!!!!

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