Blending in

Posted on Thu, 5 May 2016 by KiM

When an architect makes an effort to redesign a house that still blends in with its surroundings. Kudos to Toronto architecture firm Johnson Chou for this wonderful project (which maybe can inspire and architect or 2 here in Ottawa). I adore this home inside and out and will be using this as inspiration whenever I get around to doing something with the exterior of my house. (How does a house built in 1940 NEVER have any landscaping done?! It’s so embarrassing). And check out a previous feature on this talented firm here

rose says:

That house is just great! I live on the west side of Toronto and most of "our" infill houses are just blah at best. This house looks great (and neighborhood appropriate!) on the outside and stunning on the inside. I love it!!

Moyra says:

I loved looking at this house and its outside spaces. I especially like the metal trough at the front door showing the house number and holding a little hedge. The staircase is beautiful too but extremely unsuitable for small children who could fall through!

ombia says:

I love the inner architecture. Stunning.
But this living room is almost on the street?! Thinking of cats and of me being only in my underwear during summer. And greeting all those car drivers outside.

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