The Arch House

Posted on Wed, 18 May 2016 by KiM

Aptly named the Arch House, Italian architecture firm A2BC has taken minimalism to a new level with the renovation of this Milan apartment. It was an operation of purification of the elements built over time that have marred the structure and the original historical characteristics of the space. This process has brought the soul of the place to light; twelve arches strung along the bearing structure that longitudinally divides the apartment in two creating three separate zones transversally: living, dining and kitchen, and bedrooms. Communication between the environments only occurs at the arched passageways. The project develops through the enhancement of these classical architectural elements that become the protagonists of the spatial scene. White as the dominant color and the concrete floor underline the intent to maintain a neutral approach in order to highlight the architecture of the space and its characteristic elements. I have a couple of archways in my home – and now I want MORE! Those concrete floors with all these cats would be awesome too. 

coco says:

I am not normally a fan of arches but this project is so successful, I may become a convert!

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