Moody Scandinavian

Posted on Thu, 2 Jun 2016 by midcenturyjo

White walls seem to be getting a bad rap this days. All those insipid white walls. There is nothing washed-out about this Swedish apartment though. Moody greys add depth and character, acting as a foil to all the Scandi white. A small 32 m2 home with style and personality recently sold by Stockholm real estate brokers Historiska Hem.

They did a good job with a small space. That garden is a big bonus!
But where is the fridge?
Also, I get a malware warning when I come on your site….fyi.

KiM says:

*sigh* we're aware of the malware error. I have no idea how this has happened or what to do about at this point. 🙁

Peggy says:

I love white walls and floors, and love gray, and black. I'm just getting tired of seeing so many neutrals. It seems every blog is showing neutrals, and they are all starting to look the same toe. I like these homes, but would like to see more pops if color.

Peggy says:

I should proofread. Toe should be to me. And pops if should be pops of.

JES says:

Really like it but that entrance way is wasted space! I guess only a NYer would look at that space and say "but it's a whole empty room"! Mental note: move somewhere sane.

ombia says:

I love this! And fridge is for sure like usually in Europe in one of the cupboards.

Jocelyn says:

Do we know the colour of the bedroom wall or the white walls?

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