The house of Casper Faassen

Posted on Mon, 18 Jul 2016 by midcenturyjo

Dutch interior designer Jeroen van Zwetselaar of ZW6 has transformed this 1930s semi-detached house into the perfect home of artist Casper Faassen. Light and shadow, open yet contained, new and old, the design breathes new life into the building. I love the house striped back to its bones, a white box containing the kitchen and dining room slipped into exposed brick shell, love the airy loft bedroom, the hard floors softened by rugs and always the art, the beautiful art.

Rae says:

Wow wow wow! Perfect taste.

madamedummy says:

noooooope ….
sorry …
the 'artwork' ruins what could have been a wonderful space …
imagine a de Kooning rather than that horrible foto of jolie ..
& that big muddy sloppy painting over the couch …
PUH-leeeeee ..
get the art trip together ..
thanks for the opportunity to voice an unpopular opinion …

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