The coolest teen hangout

Posted on Thu, 29 Sep 2016 by KiM

Man, do I ever wish I had a place to hang out in that was this cool growing up. I’m going to bet this teen suddenly became a VERY popular kid when this project was completed. What can only be described as the ultimate ‘man cave’, Inhouse Brand Architects has converted the unused lounge area of a Fresnaye (Cape Town, South Africa) residence into an industrial-inspired dream pad for the family’s lucky teenage boy and his friends. Polished concrete flooring encompasses the entire room and sets the foundation for the interior scheme. 

Another striking design feature comes in the form of a grandiose, curved timber wave that cascades from the ceiling down to the floor to create an extraordinary zone for watching movies. This “wave” is crafted out of steel fins that are clad with timber and lit up with three LED strips. It is kitted out with surround sound to produce a genuine movie theatre experience.

Next to the bar and adjacent the timber wave is comfortable booth seating. Framed with timber and upholstered in inviting shades of indigo, this nook provides an enticing ‘chill’ spot.

A fully functional concrete skate bowl plays a major part in the design. To embellish this remarkable feature, emerging South African street artist, Jack Fox, applied his signature illustrations to the walls surrounding the bowl. 

Jared Hayden says:

I'm going to guess that teenage boy will also feel lucky the day he comes into his inheritance.

atma says:

Very cool, but this is a private home? So much privilege it's almost painful to watch

asha says:

And in South Africa, too.

d of dogland says:

All that for one kid?

I've been through this area. It is beautiful. While in Cape Town, I learned many of it's African residents were forcibly relocated from their seaside area homes to the "coloured township" of Ocean View. The township was created solely to move these residents out of their highly desirable locations. There is NO ocean view from Ocean View and it's far less than desirable.

Beautiful place with a cruel history. I agree with Atma and Asha. This is painful to see.

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