Reader’s home

Posted on Wed, 15 Nov 2017 by midcenturyjo

When long time reader Vika Pecherskikh of Compelling View Interiors shared these photos of her home I immediately knew she was a kindred spirit. You see she has an addiction to love of beautiful chairs just like I do. In every room there is a vintage treasure. Her decorating firm in  the Washington DC metro area is passionate about homes and emotions they evoke, creating spaces that have a sense of narrative and authenticity. You can see more of Vika’s ever evolving home and the treasures she finds on her instagram page.

Maxi says:

Such a beautiful home and stunning pictures!!! I love the unique shadows the chairs provide on days, when the light hits them just right!

B says:

Seriously good design. But not overly so, playful touches, with the carpet one color and walls nothing is "hidden", straight forward. Lot of legs, legs, legs, but it feels so airy and light.

Vika Pecherskikh says:

Thank you Desiretoinspire. net, very grateful to be features in Reader's home.

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