Some dark and light in an apartment on West 9th street

Posted on Fri, 16 Mar 2018 by KiM

A well-thought-out combination of dark and light can be found in this apartment on West 9th Street designed by Sawyer | Berson. Looooove the glossy dark grey paint on all that woodwork. A neutral colour palette and nothing too precious or sparkly makes this a, dare I say, perfect bachelor pad (but if you need proof take a look at the last photo).

atma says:

I love the ceiling in the bedroom (2nd to last pic)

Antionette Lombard says:

Wow! What a gorgeous, stylish home. This is the kind of detailed decor that says so much about who the owners are: they are clearly well traveled and love to read and have an appreciation for various art forms. I can hear soft classical music whilst looking at these pictures… Every vignette tells a story of a full life, well lived. The unique art pieces beautifully displayed in every room, suggest years of traveling and collecting. Just pure eye-candy! Thanks so much!

ohHolland says:

Please have compassion for animals … these birds were undoubtedly killed because somebody thought they’d make beautiful trophies. Displaying them is disrespectful to the lives the birds should have lived. Give them a solemn burial and vow not to parade animal death as decor ever again.

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