Didier Benderli

Posted on Sat, 7 Apr 2018 by midcenturyjo

It’s a play of colours, of shapes, of periods and styles. It’s a play on the senses, an appeal to desires and memories. It’s classic and it’s edgy. It’s theatre set and it’s home. It’s eclectic but not haphazard. No if you look closely it is refined and just so. It’s Château en Île de France by Didier Benderli of Paris-based Kerylos Intérieurs.


Marie says:

Yeah, nah. Would have liked more flamboyant blue, it’s only saving grace.

b says:

The room with the beige and contrast lined moulding is kinda brilliant.
The choice and placement of some of the art is great except that bedroom is well…just tacky a real missed opportunity.

Annieo says:

The furniture! Amazeballs!!

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