An explosion of colour

Posted on Sun, 8 Apr 2018 by KiM

This North London apartment is in desperate need of a little colour. HA! Occupying the first and second floors of a Victorian terrace, it is over-the-top with colour and patterns (someone likes confetti) and is a feast for the senses. Could you live in a home with this much going on? Available as a location home via Shoot Factory.

Annie says:

Wow – tis an explosion of colour. I’m not sure I could live in it myself but I love the uniqueness of it. It looks like a happy place!.

Roderick says:

Wow! This is a real explosion of color. I really want to live here. I am in love with the colors.

Maryse says:

I love the wall of plate/trays. And that the bathroom is the opposite of the rest of the apartment. I think it would be hard to be sad in such a space.

Rainy says:

To me it looks like a store and in that store there are several pieces I would buy, but I don’t want to live there. Many cool pieces, just too much all in one place! I did get some ideas! 🙂

ru says:

Hello there Karim Rashid!

Nicole says:

What kind of paint did you use? The colors look incredible 🙂

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