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Tracy Morris Design

Posted on Tue, 31 Jul 2018 by midcenturyjo

Tracy Morris breathes life into rooms, giving them unexpected flavor. Her inspired dynamic interiors showcase her clients’ personalities and passions and empower them to look within and create a home that is their own true reflection.”

A neutral palette doesn’t mean boring. This home is warm and welcoming, sophisticated but not pretentious. beautiful light, beautiful furnishings, beautiful living.


Monochromatic in the Hollywood Hills

Posted on Tue, 31 Jul 2018 by midcenturyjo

A monochromatic colour palette provides the basis for this simple yet sophisticated Hollywood Hills home by Joyce Pickens of JDP Interiors. Layers of texture and a subtle repetitive pattern selections enhance the aesthetic. Modern, fresh and fabulous LA living.

An apartment in Paris

Posted on Mon, 30 Jul 2018 by KiM

Eclectic Parisian vibes get no better than in this apartment by the brilliant design team of Caroline Sarkozy et Laurent Bourgois (CSLB Studio). Every single piece is unique, masterfully curated and absolutely beautiful.

Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 30 Jul 2018 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net, or hashtag your photos on Instagram with #DTIpetsonfurniture. Thanks!

It has been a pretty simple Saturday, but a sunshiney one which is always good! I’ve had this big idea running round and round in my head this last week, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I pursue further. Sorry to be irritatingly vague, it’s just consuming my thoughts (and impacting my ability to write thoughtful photo captions) while I weigh up pros and cons and whether it’s something I want to do, versus something I just think is a good idea! I really do believe in trusting your gut but sometimes my gut can be incredibly indecisive too (in both food decisions and general life decisions) which isn’t that helpful. . . . #colourmyhome #bhghome #moreismoredecor #walltowallstyle #dspets #thenewbohemians #mycovetedhome #thriftedhome #dtipetsonfurniture #thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday #flashesofdelight #cosyupyourworld #showusyourhygge #howwedwell #mycreativeinterior #myvintageabode #allthingsmetric #myinteriorvibe #pocketofmyhome #myhomevibe #eclectichomemix #mystylishspace #eclecticstyle #apartmenttherapy #styleithappy #stellarspaces #interiormilk

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There are three very important events happening tonight (and that’s not counting my youngest daughters kayaking trip with her guides pack!). Firstly we will discover how the gorgeous, feisty Georgia exacts her revenge on that snake Josh in @loveisland; I mean come on what was that all about? How could he? The poor girl! Secondly there is rather an important football match on which (like the rest of the nation) I will be hoping we win. And thirdly there is an interiors blogger event at @westelmuk which is being hosted by @_lisa_dawson_ and which I am attending. I’m hoping to see quite a few familiar faces and I’m sure there will be prosecco involved (don’t let me drink it!!!). It’s rather a red letter evening I’m sure you will agree, but maybe you have more exciting plans for tonight than any of the above? If you do you must let me know!! #redletterevents #bedroomdecor #bedroominspo #viszlapuppy #viszlaofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #bedroomvibes #howimonochrome #victorianhouse #originalfeatures #homestyle #inspohome #interior #interior4you1 #interior_delux #instamates #interiorismo #shadesofgrey #greydecor #greybedroom #myvintagelife #myvintageabode #interiorblogger #nestandthrive #myhyggehome #interiorinfluencers #artistsoninstagram #farrowandball #pavilliongrey

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Mornin’ Sun. #petsofinstagram #dogs #dogsofinstagram #DTIpetsonfurniture

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If you check out my stories today you’ll see that not only is the retro stereo headboard installed – it’s also now got Bluetooth so I can play allll the things through it. I haven’t been this stoked since I got my dual mike karaoke player for my 10th birthday. Ok, apart from my 6 disc changer stereo (2 x Blink 182, 1 x green day, 1 x the strokes, 1 x Channel Z compilation, 1 x free for occasional other music) I got when I was 14… but nothing nearly this exciting since then! . . . #dshome #abmathome #dspets #abmlifeiscolorful #thenewbohemians #smmakelifebeautiful #thriftedhome #nzhomeswithstyle #walltowallstyle #eclectichomemix #homesweethome #myhomevibe #mystylishspace #shopbando #bedroomdecor #mycreativeinterior #myinteriorvibe #adairs #howyouhome #dtipetsonfurniture #mycuratedaesthetic #palmspringsstyle

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I’m really excited to be on a panel tomorrow night at a bloggers event at @westelmuk talking all things interiors, blogging and Instagram with @_lisa_dawson_ @sarahakwisombe @frenchforpineapple and @2lgstudio. One of the topics up for discussion is how much does social media influence interiors trends these days? What do you think? I definitely think at least some recent interiors trends started on Instagram, for instance, the disco ball! The blogger event will be streamed live on @westelmuk Story so tune in if you a) get a chance or b) want to get away from the footy! 😂Tap for tags. . . . . . #interiormilk #westelm #interiores #interieur #interieur123 #darkinteriors #houseandgarden #homeandgarden #ihavethisthingwithbikes #cockapoo #cockapoosofinstagram #shelfie #bookshelf #discoball #interiordesign #interior_and_living #livingroom #library #myhappyplace #myhomevibe #bookstagram #sofa #ikea #farrowandball

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The Baby. #violetblueeyes

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Too pooped to pop. #dtipetsonfurniture #dspetstyle #tripawdcat

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This is how I feel after last night…😳💩 . Yesterday’s barbecue turned into a feast/margarita celebration with my bestie. She donated her beloved Asian floral side tables to me and after I sobered up I happily headed home. Or so I thought. I got lost and drove up a very narrow dead end street wayyyy up in the hills. It was pitch black, and the road was so narrow it was impossible to turn around. And the tables were partially blocking my back window so I wasn’t sure how to back up without falling into the ravine. It was pretty sketchy. Would I die for these beloved tables? 😂😵 I thought about taking the tables out but HELL NO- I decided to go for it!💪🏼 I inched my way down until suddenly I heard CRUNCH!💥Opps! That was my bumper!🙀 I thought, WHATEVER my car still runs,😹 and made my way down the hill until my cell signal came back. With my bestie’s help, she navigated me back to civilization. Whew! 😅 Lesson learned- don’t let directionally challenged friends like me drive home in the dark with a car full of furniture!🙈🤪Tell me your craziest experience trying to get furniture home!

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Some from me. #1 – Husband caught a great shot all 5 OG’s (our original cats before we ended up rescuing the ferals) having dinner. I think the ferals were too busy out in the catio to join. #2 – Bernie (one of the former ferals) bird watching out the front window. #3 – Lucky joined me one evening in the media room and found the designated cat cubby.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I stumbled upon this new location home available via Shoot Factory. The homeowners clearly have a thing for mid-century Italian style (think Gio Ponti, Carlo Scarpa). Built in 1890 this 6 story Victorian has been refurbished with the most wonderful finishings like onyx, marble, leather and lots and lots of brass. There is even a screening room and spa/plunge pool and gym with a leather clad ballet bar and mirrored wall in the basement. Absolutely breathtaking!