A black and white family apartment in New York’s West Village

Posted on Mon, 3 Sep 2018 by midcenturyjo

A fresh, fabulous, family home in a light-filled apartment in New York City and to-die-for windows? Sounds amazing … and it is! The added bonus is the modern black and white scandi vibe with blonde wood. West Village Apartment by U.S. and Brit-based Sheep + Stone Interiors.



Photography by Brooke Holme

Blanders says:

I notice that the only refrigerator in the kitchen appears to be a wine fridge. I like the priorities of these people!

Crystal Vera says:

LOL same!

ombia says:

@Blanders – probably there is a built in fridge, like in any european home.

Amazi home, love everything About it.

Georgia says:

Anyone know what that wallpaper is in the nursery ?

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