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Posted on Tue, 4 Sep 2018 by KiM

Have have many dear readers of the blog who have followed us for years and years. Shirley is one of them. I featured her B&B (Abadin in L’Orignal, about an hour drive east of Ottawa) back in 2012. Alot has happened since then as I learned in an email from Shirley the other day and it was so moving I had to share.

Lots has happened in the past years , I almost died last year because of a vicious immune system disease , and I was kind of told if the chemotherapy does not work for me , I might have 3 to 12 months left. Did not take that and went to do my own research and found out to fast again, meaning water fasting for days at the time, to give my body the chance to heal itself through Autophagy. To make a long story short , I did it instead of dying or staying ill on heavy meds for the rest of my life I am off all meds and healthier then ever before.

My story is here just in case you know somebody who wants to help themselves: Shirley’s Personal Health StoryOf fasting and healing – The tale of Shirley Lindemann’s recovery

But why I am telling you all of this is , I had an art exhibition coming last year when I was at my worst, but the pieces I created were some of the best work I have done in my 45 year career as an artist. All black and grey. Now I needed the perfect back ground to display them in a way that satisfies my message. So I decided to flip our B&B living room from all white with chrome accents to all black with copper and gold accents.
Her artwork is breathtaking and really quite moving, and the redecorated space works so well to show it off. Congrats on beating this horrible disease Shirley, for creating such wonderful pieces of art, and for sharing with us.

Pam says:

Intensely beautiful art!

Also, fasting works peeps! this is coming from another autoimmune sufferer who never took drugs and is now living la vida loca! 🙂

Shirley says:

Thanks and congratulation, Pam!! So happy you too got through it without drugs. All the best! Shirley

pam says:

Thank you so much! Likewise to you! 🙂

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