Maintaining the charm of a mid-century modern home

Posted on Thu, 6 Sep 2018 by KiM

This Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles home was built in 1963. The 60’s were a really happening time with respect to architecture and it is such a shame when the homes from that era are replaced with new builds or renovated beyond recognition. Reath Design kept it real in this mid-century home and that is why I love this firm so much. They did not paint the brick. Nor the wood clad walls. They even remodelled the kitchen and it is 1960’s awesomeness. A home I would LOVE to own. AS IS.

Photos: Laure Joliet
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Anke says:

I am having really really really bad flahbacks right now…. Bit creepy, isn’t it?!

axie says:

Gorgeous, and so wonderful they didn’t paint over the bricks and wood. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on one- pre reno of course.

Natasha says:

This is gorgeous: I want to gaze and gaze. And also wrap it around me somewhat.

Julie says:

I love everything about this house!

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