A renovated family apartment in Saint Germain des Prés

Posted on Wed, 5 Dec 2018 by KiM

Véronique Cotrel blows my mind once again with this latest project of hers. This historic apartment was beautifully redecorated in the early twentieth century, by the family of the current owners. Our mission was to keep the spirit of this renovation, while restoring modernity, style and a new start to this place rich in emotions.

The main problem of this project was to put the kitchen back in the heart of the living space. This one was, as often, located near the service staircase, far from the living room. After studying various layout options, she naturally found her place in the old dining room, bathed in light. This room was loaded with very impressive decorative elements, such as this wooden fireplace. We wanted to preserve it, while highlighting it, and integrating it into a modern and functional kitchen. The blue becomes a founding element of the project, which continues through the spaces, as a common thread. The kitchen was designed by Agence Véronique Cotrel, in collaboration with Boffi. The glazed storage and chandelier have been preserved and restored. 

The kitchen has been largely open to the living room in which a dining area has been integrated. We designed a custom library, flanked by two vintage mirrors. The wall paneling has been preserved or redone when necessary. This work has made the space completely homogeneous, and visually connected with the entire project. Blue comes here in a softer way, on the wall paneling.

The bathroom is still a beautiful example of a gap between the history of the place and its current interpretation. The sink has been preserved and restored. It hosts an original faucet that has been adapted. The floor is made of herringbone tiles, in line with Haussmannian parquet floors.

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xavier reis says:

I’m in love with the blue fireplace. Amazing.

Heather Giannandrea says:

Those goldfish tiles though…

Lorraine says:

Love all of this! The bathroom faucets and sink I’ve never seen before and I love the goldfish tiled wall.

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