Top 5 sleeper sofas and sofa beds

Posted on Wed, 9 Jan 2019 by KiM

For those on the hunt for a sleeper sofa/sofa bed I thought I would share some worthy options and will break it down into my top 5 favourites. But first a quick story. My husband and I own a 4 bedroom house. We have no kids. This was a sweet setup because we each ended up with a dressing room. And the obvious choice for the third extra bedroom was to use it as a guest bedroom. After a few years we realized what a dumb idea that was in reality. No one visits us and stays over! So we had a room with a bed that was only ever used by the cats. We ended up getting rid of the bed and put a small sofa in there and it became a media room where I do most of my Netflixing. Then my mother-in-law and niece-in-law visited from the Maritimes back in the spring and stayed several days. OOPS! What could we have used for this visit? A sleeper sofa!!! It’s the obvious choice when you don’t really want to take up much space for a bed that will only get used occasionally. On the hunt for sleeper sofas/sofa beds I go! I hear the problem with these are that they can be uncomfortable, heavy and noisy/clumsy to open. For the record, the following appear to be none of those.

My first pick is the Soho Sofa Bed by The Sofa Bed Store™.

What I love about this sofa bed is that you would NEVER know it is one. It really a statement piece, great for large family rooms, and larger spaces in general because of the bulky arms, which actually double as side tables! That is a perk when it’s opened as a bed too – tables right next to you for your book, phone, glasses etc. This one is a queen sized 12″ thick pocket coil mattress. WUT?! That is going to be SO comfortable. I would happily let my mother-in-law sleep on it. Currently on sale for $3695 (CAD).

My second pick is the Movie Night with wood arms. Also by The Sofa Bed Store™.

If chunky arms aren’t your thing, then this sofa bed is a clear winner. I LOVE the arms on this. And the overall style again is modern and leaves you clueless that it is a sleeper sofa. Perfect in a living room, a media room (mine!) and awesome for curling up and well, watching a movie! This one has the same queen size luxury mattress as the previous pick. Winner winner chicken dinner! On sale for $3495 (CAD).

My third choice is the Sulley by American Leather.

Offered in about a zillion different colours and in fabrics like leather, sunbrella, ultrasuede, crypton etc. etc. Tons of options to customize. This one has a 4″ high-density foam mattress. A sleek, modern option. On sale right now @ Artesanos for $3949 (USD)

Choice #4 is the Stretch series sleeper sofa. Again by The Sofa Bed Store™. I have to include a few photos of this one to show you its versatility.

Forget the mother-in-law – I want to lounge on this and Netflix binge for an entire day! This sleeper sofa is a perfect small space solution. Ideal in offices, dens, guest rooms, and of course bedrooms converted into media rooms 🙂  This one comes in double or queen and has the same luxurious mattress as the other 2 above but is 7”. Love the mid-century vibe of the legs. A great price @ $2469 (CAD).

#5 on my list is the Nest sofa bed. This one is also by The Sofa Bed Store™. If you prefer a simple design this one is IT.

The more I look at the photos of this one, the more I love it. It’s the perfect small space sleeper sofa for a corner of a room, or in an office where you want something tucked at the other end in an inconspicuous way. I got rid of a giant leather sofa in the home-office end of my living room and this would be perfect where my old sofa was as I want something bench-like where I could chill out and read a magazine when I need a work break. Or husband can perch on it while I stalk endlessly about all the projects I want done around the house. 🙂 Anyhoo, the serious bonus of this sofa bed is OMG – storage! Everything you need to turn this into a bed can be stored within it. This is a queen sized 8″ mattress. LOVE! This one is available on the US site for $1895 USD

***Note: The Sofa Bed Store™ happens to be located in Ottawa (!!!) and Toronto. And their products are flat-packed so yes, you have to put them together but you can easily get the sofa into any size room. (To note: if you live in Ottawa or Toronto they deliver and assemble free of charge! And free shipping across North America) Also noting pocket coil mattresses seem quite durable if you want a long-term option.

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