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Posted on Thu, 10 Oct 2019 by KiM

I really have no words for how absolutely breathtakingly beautiful this Paris apartment is. The decor and art is not quite to my taste but forget all that would you and CHECK OUT THE CEILING!!! AND THE FLOOR! AND THOSE ARCHED GLASS DOORS!!!! A total dream. Designed by Isabelle Stanislas.

Jenny P says:

This absolutely blows my mind. The modern (love) and the ornate (not usually my thing but wow!) all in one. Stunning.

Blanders says:

Clearly, money can’t buy good taste… or even buy decorators with good taste! What a waste of such gorgeous spaces and fittings.

pd says:

You hit it right on the nail!


Everyone’s is a bit (or a lot) different 😉

silvina says:

I know it, it´s from ZADIG ET VOLTAIRE owner, Cecilia Bonstrom. Lovely place

Susann says:

Wow. That ceiling!!!

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