Old and new

Posted on Fri, 11 Oct 2019 by midcenturyjo

I love the mix of old and new, of antique with mid century classic, heavy Victorian mahogany furniture with Scandinavian influences, all wrapped up in a neutral colour palette with metallic accents. This bedroom, by Melbourne-based Sisällä, was part of Como By Design, a show house in a heritage listed South Yarra mansion (hence all changes had to be non invasive and reversible). My friends will tell you I have been going on and on for a couple of years now about “bringing back the brown”, of embracing the heavy dark wooden antique pieces we have been shunning for years. They laughed at me years ago when I told them the next big thing would be the 80s and they’re not laughing now. With  Sisällä showing the way perhaps they’ll all be clamouring for a big old brown wardrobe soon.

Photography by Tess Kelly

Sparky says:

I agree with you Jo about the dark wood furniture coming around again. Same with brass—remember when no one would be caught dead with a piece of brass ANYTHING in their home? And, of course, now it’s being embraced again with faucets, light fixtures, etc. I love a mix of old and new that brings life and character to home.

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