Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 25 Apr 2020 by midcenturyjo

Another week has passed. Another Saturday. Some of us can see that elusive light at the end of that clichéd tunnel. Others continue to be trapped in the nightmare that is the corona pandemic. It’s still a scary world out there with most of us in lockdown in our homes and weekend work (or any work) is somewhere in a hazy future. And in that hazy future if we have to drag ourselves into work on a Saturday it better be somewhere stylish like the DOK Office in Kortrijk by Belgian design firm Decancq-Otté Architecten.


Rainy Day says:

That’s more depressing than any government building I worked in. Glad they put some flowers in there.

Anke says:

I think it is rather beautiful, minamalism in a good way. The idea of minamlism can seem a bit daunting, sterile of even boring but this one here seems to be really well executed which makes it look calming, soothing to me. Also I admire it for how consequent it’s done – being a maximalist myself I could never pull anything like that off, at least not for more than a week. But I’d love to spend some time there.

Anke says:

Haha, just realized I wrote minimalism in a maximum of wrong ways there! Sorry. It’s minimalism, there you go.

axie says:

Very serene. And in my colors 🙂

Pete says:

I can’t imagine what kind of work transpires here.

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