Maximalism by Sig Bergamin

Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2020 by KiM

Brazilian designer Sig Bergamin is taking maximalism to a place where colour is IN YOUR FACE and art is KEY and patterns are BOLD and abundant. This cottage he designed has an energy that is inimitable.

Nippon says:

Great Post!! Absolutely amazing.

Karen says:

I love all the colors, textures, artwork, comfort, and space in this home.

Jairo Geronymo says:

Thank you for posting Sig Bergamin’ s work. I have seen some of his early work as well and he is truly a master of pattern mixture, colour and of course, high drama! At the same time, there is a happy balance that is very relaxed and inviting. Thank you for this post!

dorota says:

Not my thing, but I appreciate the verve and imagination

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