Spanish modern boho

Posted on Wed, 16 Sep 2020 by KiM

Take a California home with Spanish architecture, add in some modern furnishings and some with a global feel, and throw in a few bohemian accessories and you have yourself a comfortable, put your feet up and relax space that will be a keeper for years to come. This beauty is by Rosa Beltran Design.

Misty Pesto says:

Bang! Love at first sight.

Hanna says:

BOHO? this is just grey and white

KiM says:

Boho doesn’t necessarily relate to colours IMHO. And I see a lot more than grey and white here, anyway…..

PattycBreakstone says:

One of the best Boho chic homes I have seen!!! The curb appeal is amazing. We are developers/designers, I am the first to say that many (most), at least in South Florida, homeowners don’t have the ability to respect the bones of the home. Rather, they add current materials being used in modern homes and think it can work.
BRAVO! So well done. You accomplished a beautiful and interestingly eclectic modern vibe with this home…and no, I am not a friend. I am from Miami, Florida and know nothing about this designer, nor do I ever leave reviews. WHEN I READ THE ABOVE COMMENTS, I FELT I HAD TO!

Katie says:

Love this! Can you tell me the green color you used on the garage doors and the window mullions?

Raquel Towles says:

I’d also love to know the exterior colors used?

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