Mid century ranch redo

Posted on Thu, 17 Sep 2020 by midcenturyjo

“Your home should reflect the past, embrace the present, and nurture the future.”

This mid century ranch style home has undergone a sympathetic transformation into a contemporary space perfect for the new owners and their amazing collection of Pre-Colombian artefacts. A neutral palette, natural materials and eclectic but carefully curated furnishings lend a casual sophistication to this beautiful home by Intimate Living Interiors.

Misty Pesto says:

Beauty, harmony, comfort at the highest level.
What a delightful home!

Beautiful place.

Zoe Grey says:

It is a lovely home, but I’m not sure I’d describe the transformation from Mid-Century ranch as “sympathetic” — there is nothing left of the probably-lovely Mid-Century home undergirding it.

Jen says:

Oh my goodness what a beautiful home, I love everything, a fabulous combination of style and comfort.

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