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Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2018 by KiM

As you know I have many cats who share my home with me. And as you also know, I have a thing for interior design. One of my problems is I need cat paraphernalia basically all over my house to keep the herd happy, which in turn keeps me happy. Readily available cat furniture out there is absolutely hideous I’m constantly moving it out of the way when I take photos. When I come across cat furniture that isn’t embarrassing, I get pretty excited. And California-based company Tuft + Paw has broken the mold when it comes to modern cat furniture. After they flipped me an email I went to have a look at their website and was literally squealing in delight. Their products are soooooo not what you’re going to find at your local pet store. And that is why I love them so much. And why I think my cats now love them too.

I was asked to select a product to try out and I had a really hard time deciding but ended up going with the Indigo cat bed. Of course with any cat furniture, you immediately wonder if the cats will be more interested in the box it came in than the item itself.

I was a bit nervous by all the attention the box got at first, as you can see above, but you’ll see later that my nervousness was short-lived. 🙂

So this is it out of the box. It was simple to put together (thankfully because I suck at following diagram instructions). I went with the sea salt gray cover. They also have purple and white. It comes with 2 cushions – yellow and dark grey. It only took me a few minutes to put it together, and I was so stoked with the quality and how awesome it looks in my living room (its current location).

Before I share more photos let me warn you that no cats were forced into any of these positions. They all eagerly tried it out and have loved it since it arrived. I have found just about every one of my cats snoozing on this bed at one time or another. This winter I may add something furry over the cushion to make it even more snuggly.

This grey is perfect because it hides cat fur really well. 🙂 The cover is 100% wool felt and cats LOVE felt. The base is made of solid beech wood.

The photo above was taken about 10 seconds after I had put it together. Mimin hopped right in.

As you can see, I had nothing to worry about. LOL!

They sell all kinds of items aside from beds – cat trees and perches, scratching posts, litter box hideaways and toys. Here are some of my favourites.


This post is in partnership with Tuft + Paw. All opinions are my own.

Suzanne Melton says:

Is it my imagination or does the cat bed look like a mouse head (first photo)?

KiM says:

I see it too!

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