The Gallery House

Posted on Thu, 13 Jul 2023 by midcenturyjo

“I was inspired by how to combine the ideas of maximalism and minimalism. The client has a strong eclectic style and I wanted to express that in the decoration and yet at the same time, there are elements of minimalism in the architecture.

The furnishing is a true collaboration with the client for this project. I also drew influences from the architecture and connection to the outdoors in the decoration. The way the lush greenery spills out from the concrete forms of the courtyard inspired a layered, rich approach to the interior decoration. The lush planting that is enjoyed from the main living areas lead to a natural colour palette of greens and golds.

 The main bedroom sees a layered textured approach; fabrics woven with raffia, hints of gold and a textured wall finish to create that lush backdrop. I wanted to create an atmosphere for each guest bedroom so I selected different wall papers in each. The three guest rooms have their own individual feel yet are linked stylistically and through colour.”

Sophisticated contemporary living brought to life by Sisällä. Architecture and interior design by Workroom.

Photography by Timothy Kaye.

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