Art…by Jo

Posted on Wed, 4 Jul 2007 by KiM

Since Jo is just heading off to work I thought I’d take this opportunity to plug her gorgeous artwork (since she won’t be able to check the blog for HOURS). She sent me a package back in April and having FINALLY received it yesterday, it included 4 pieces of art that she drew. They are so amazing and I am so proud of her that I had to post them. I think I may have convinced her to open an Etsy shop so please feel free to leave comments and maybe she’ll realize she REALLY REALLY should sell her art. (Sorry about the quality of the photos, it’s raining here so I can’t get good light).

Just spell it out

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2007 by KiM

I am a shoes-off-in-my-house kind of person. I don’t know where your shoes have been…if you have a rock stuck in the treads and are going to scratch up my floors, or if you didn’t notice the neighbour’s dog’s little treat he left on the lawn that you managed to step in. If you’re embarassed to ask for shoes to be removed, then why not spell it out for people? (I’m not that anal about it, really, but I thought this was really cheeky).

P.S. My stones and wood garden ties just arrived from Rona. Let the landscaping begin!

Bill Kingston

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2007 by KiM

This is a warning. The following photos are of such outstanding quality, if reader continues below a shortness of breathe may be experienced along with slight heart palpitations. Please be advised to proceed with extreme caution. This is a warning.

Photos from Bill Kingston

Wildly glamorous

Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 by KiM

“Park Terrace, London
5 storey house in a Private Road near Regent’s Park
Over 3400 square feet full of rock n’ roll glamour
Sumptuous living and dining areas, beautifully furnished
Stunning black bedroom with ensuite black high gloss bathroom
Light filled family kitchen with dining area opening onto garden…”

Photos from Zownir Locations


Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 by KiM

Jo’s post about Elmira Stove Works the other day seems to have caught alot of people’s attention. I’ve been wanting to do a Smeg post and have been collecting photos for a while so here you are…some Smeg envy.