Contemporary and tactile in Brisbane

Posted on Fri, 5 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

It’s an interesting mix, moody master bedroom and a tactile, almost organic bathroom in the lightest shade of grey. Inspired by luxurious Greek villas think sinuous shapes offset by angular joinery,  light bouncing off walls, floating drapes, a calm oasis in a hot, hot city. Teneriffe Apartment, Brisbane by Alexandra Ponting of AP Design House.

Timeless and unique in Utah

Posted on Wed, 3 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

Salt Lake City based Jamie Bellessa Design creates timeless and unique spaces with a twist or as they put it “creating fresh new design by sticking with classics while adding pops of wow.” What is ticking all the boxes for me in this Park City house is the butler’s pantry (OK the kitchen as well), the sweep of the staircase and the dark and moody office. Now before some of you get steamed about the practicality of books placed randomly on shelves with nary a cover or spine in sight let’s just cut the designers/stylist/photographer some slack. It’s just for an interesting picture. We all know the owners will have them properly placed in real life 🙂









Photography By Melissa Kelsey


Zellige zeitgeist

Posted on Wed, 3 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

Sensuous and stylish or a lumpy, bumpy fad? Quite frankly I don’t care where you sit on the zellige tile spectrum because I’m firmly on the sensuous side when it comes to this shower room designed by Portland-based Kaemingk Design. The whole room is a neutral nirvana with its natural patina, imperfection and texture. You can see the designers’ own home here.

I’m still real estate strolling scrolling in the Sydney suburb of Randwick and I’ve found a stylish semi-detached home with an open plan, contemporary extension. The video will definitely help you fall in love with this inner city home just minutes from the beach. Love the light that flows into the living areas, the long horizontal window, the small but well formed courtyard garden. Link here while it lasts.

“The award-winning revival of one of Randwick’s finest Victorian Italianate homes unites classical grandeur with contemporary finesse in this landmark terrace to create an exceptional family home. This grand 7m-fronted terrace has been transformed by interior designers Arent & Pyke and architect Tom Ferguson with a collaborative design that injects a sense of life and vitality into the striking interiors.”

For once the house lives up to the real estate hyperoble. I always like comparing real estate listing photos and those on ther designers’ website. I’m stalking in the Sydney suburb of Randwick and let’s just say I have had a thing for Cole and Son’s Nuvole wallpaper in a bathroom since featuring this house back in 2015.